Race Day Guidelines

Race Day Assembly Venue: Mangar Village, Banidham Mandir on Gurgaon-Faridabad Road. If coming from Gurgaon, the entry is 500m after crossing toll on your right. Drive very slow. You will have to take a U-turn from Indian Oil Petrol Pump (on your left). Drive 100-200m and there is a small entry (left side) to the trail. The key is that you drive very slowly once you cross the toll. Look for the direction signage and volunteers for help.

This is the location pin for Trail-A-Thon race venue

ITRA Link for Trail-A-thon:

Category wise Start Time
84Km Run @5:00am (cut off time 5pm) 84Km ultra run participants won’t be allowed to run without head torch or proper lighting arrangements.
Running Plan for 84K:
1st loop, go 7K & back 7K= 14K (must finish 14K in 2:30hrs or by 7:30am),
2nd loop, go 14K & back 14K= 42K (must finish in 7hrs or by 1pm)
3rd loop, go 14K & back 14K= 70K (must finish in 10hrs or by 3pm)
4th loop, go 3.5K & back 3.5K= 77K (must finish in 11hrs or by 4pm)
5th loop, go 3.5K & back 3.5K= 84K (must finish in 12hrs or by 5pm)

56Km Run @7:00am (2 loops) (cut off time 4pm)
Running Plan for 56K:
1st loop go 14K & back 14K= 28K (must finish in 4:30hrs or by 11:30am)
2nd loop go 14K & back 14K= 56K (must finish in 9hrs or by 4pm)

28Km Run @8:00am (1 loop)
28Km Walkathon @8:00am (1 loop)
14Km Run @8:30am (U-turn at 7K)
7Km Run @ 9:00am (U-turn at 3.5K)
7Km Fun Walk @ 9:00am (U-turn at 3.5K)

Reach 60mins to 30mins before your respective race start. You will need time to walk 1 plus km after parking your vehicles.

Water Stations:
There are 4 water stations on the route i.e. 3.5 K, 7K, 10.5K & 14K. The aid stations will have first-aid, water, energy drink, fruits and race related snacking items. Bring your own sippers in case you want to carry water. We’ll be serving water in disposable cups.
There will be Km markers and volunteers to guide you on the route and at every turn. The route is such that there is minimal chance of getting strayed off the route. Still, be careful.

Ambulance from Paras Hospital will be stationed at start point

Baggage & Medal Counter:
Runners may either keep their baggage in the car or deposit at the baggage counter. If you are leaving your baggage and other stuff in the car, keep it in the dashboard or boot of the car. It should not be visible if someone is peeking into your car.
Mark your identification on the bag. Don’t leave valuable items in the bag

Parking & Porta Loo:
Trail is narrow, car-pooling is highly recommended. Park in a manner that main passage to venue entry & exit is not obstructed.
Portable toilets are available at the start point and 7Km mark
Participants will get finishers’ Medal & Timing Certificate. Breakfast will be served to all participants at the finish point.

Prizes & Rewards:
Category wise (both distance & age category as mentioned on the website) prizes sponsored by Columbia Sports & T10 Sports will be distributed in a separate ceremony, one week later.
All the fastest runners (top 3, men & women) in all timed distance categories (not age categories) will get trophies.

All disposables are bio-degradable, we had introduced in last edition of this event.
Dispose all the trash, disposable glasses and bottle in dustbin. Help us keep the race route clean.

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