Race Day Details

As the event is in January, it is expected to be cold so please layer up well to ensure you are well prepared for early morning low temperatures to taking off a few layers when your body warms up post start of your run. For the ultra distance, please get your headlamps, if needed to ensure you are able to see the path before daybreak.

As this is a trail run, the venue is a little inside from the road, please ensure you come at least around an hour before your start time as you may have to walk around half to one km from parking to the start point.


The Dome , Alahawas, Sector 59, Gurugram, Haryana 122102

This is very close to Tata Raisina and Capital Cyberscape off Golf Course Extension Road

The Google Maps



The Route

And the route for the run will be along the trail from Dome to CRPF Camp, then onto Lost Lake and then meeting the traditional Trail-a-thon route to start of  Damdama basin and back. 

The route in Google maps is https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1Sm-IcobpWwsd-xg9Z4KvZUWZQMtpAvcb&usp=sharing 
Please remember this is a trail run so minor changes depending on the condition of the route are possible

Race Day Guidelines

Please carry a bag with proper identification to keep your extra pair of clothes if needed to be left in baggage counter
Category wise Start Time

56Km Run @7 AM (2 loops) (cut off time 3.30 pm)

Running Plan for 56K

► 1st loop go 14Kms & back 14Kms= 28Kms (must finish in 4:15hrs or by 11:15am)
► 2nd loop go 14Kms & back 14Kms= 56Kms (must finish in 8.5hrs or by 3.30 pm)

► 28Kms Run @7:15AM onwards till 11:45AM (1 full loop) – cut off 4.5 hours
► 7Kms Run @7:30AM onwards till 9:00PM  (U-turn at 3.5Kms) – cut off 1.5 hours
► 14Kms Run @7:45AM onwards till 10:15AM  (U-turn at 7Kms) -cut off 2.5 hours 
► 5Kms Nature Walk @10:00AM start- cut off 2 hours. This is a non timing chip event

Note: We recommend to reach at least an hour before race time as there is a reasonable walk from parking to the venue and then there will be other activities like warm up, etc.

Trail Blazer, Trail Conqueror and Trail Lover medals
For the 11th edition, we have introduced Trail Blazer (Gold), Trail Conqueror (Silver) and Trail Lover (Bronze) medals basis cut off times as under for each of the categories:

DistanceTrail Blazer (Gold)cutoff timing Trail Conqueror (Silver) cutoff Timing Trail Lover (Bronze) cutoff Timing 
566 hours7 hours8:30 hours
283 hours3:30 hours4:30 hours
141:20 hours1:40 hours2:30 hours
740 minutes50 minutes1:30 minutes


Aid Stations

► Bring your sippers which we have provided over multiple years. Please bring them along and refill them and use. This is your contribution to decreasing waste in this wonderful natural trail in the Aravalis.  As such there are 4 Aid stations on the route i.e. 3.5 K, 7K, 10.5K & 14K. The Aid stations will have first-aid, water, energy drink, fruits and race related snacking items. At each aid station we you can refill your bottles and we will  be serving water in disposable cups and have some bottles at 14 kms aid station, in case needed

► There will be Km markers and volunteers to guide you on the route and at every turn. The route does have a few turns but there will be guiding stickers on branches and markers marking the correct route and crossing the wrong ones. However it is a trail and you must stick to the well marked trail and be careful not to stray.



► Ambulance from Paras Hospitals will be stationed at start point and we will have first aid available at each of the aid stations. This is to ensure we are able to reach you at the earliest if any injury does take place. There will also be volunteers on motorcycles who will be carrying first aid kits. We are also trying to have a paramedic in our aid stations to ensure medical help is readily available

Baggage & Medal Counter

► Runners may either keep their baggage in the car or deposit at the baggage counter. If you are leaving your baggage and other stuff in the car, keep it in the dashboard or boot of the car. It should not be visible if someone is peeking into your car. There is a separate baggage counter for the Ultra runners of 56kms which is just after the start line to help you be able to use your baggage without wasting time. Please use the same. For others, there is a separate baggage counter. Non Ultra distance runners are requested not to use the counter for Ultra runners
► Mark your identification on the bag. Don’t leave valuable items in the bag


Parking & Loo

► The trail is narrow, car-pooling is highly recommended. Park in a manner that main passage to venue entry & exit is not obstructed.
► Toilets are available at the start point
► Participants will get finishers’ Medal & Timing Certificate. Meal will be served to all participants at the finish point.

Age Categories and Prizes

Age categories for all Distances (except the 5KMs Nature Walk which is a non timed event) are as under:

All the podium finishers in all timed distance categories will get High End Sun Glasses of Carrera or their Sub Brand or Brooks Shoes. The Podium Finishers are overall for men and women and  not by Age Group. For Age Group winners, they will get mention of their rank on the website and Runizen site.

Some general guidelines

► We are trying to mark out the trail in red, yellow and green. The red color denotes high difficulty level for running so you may like to be careful on that path. The yellow denotes caution where you may like to run but be careful. The green denotes an easier runnable trail where you can go faster. However one must remember that this is a trail and one needs to be sure of one’s footing to ensure an injury free run
► Please do not stand close to the start line as your bib may get scanned and final results may show longer than your actual time
► Please do not clutter the place; it is a trail and there is space constraint; finish your race and move around so others can finish too
► The results will be declared a 2-3 days after the event; this is a trail event and there is no electricity so working out the results is a more difficult process
► Please follow directions given by the volunteers. They have been trained to manage the event and help you enjoy it and let other enjoy it to the full.
► All disposables are bio-degradable, as we always have in Trail-A-thon.

Dispose all the trash, disposable glasses and bottle in dustbins placed all along the route. Help us keep the race route clean. We take pride in leaving the trail cleaner than when we found it